SpecForce Abs – A Comprehensive Review

Out there in the market, you will find many different training plans promising to give you the 6-pack you have always dreamed about, and it would be reasonable to assume that SpecForce Abs is just like the rest of them. However, that assumption would be wrong since this product is a cut above the rest. Read on to discover whether it is worth spending your money.

What Do You Get?

The SpecForce Abs Handbook is what you will get for your money. It focuses not only on what is required for you to get the ideal physique but also informs you why regular workouts make you age faster and look fatter.

You will learn the following about how improper training of abs destroys your physique:

–    Bulging Pot Belly: Usually a result of training hip flexors, pulling your pelvis forward and down, making you appear 5 to 10 pounds heavier than you are.

–    Accelerated Ageing: Crunches and similar workouts tend to make you ‘hunch’. This is a condition referred to as ‘kyphosis’ whereby traditional ab workouts make the upper abdominal muscles pull the upper body forward leading to a stooped posture that compresses abdominal organs.

–    Disc Damage: Over flexing the spine causes pressure on the disks between your vertebrae, which can cause a disk hernia or prolapsed disc in some cases.

In contrast, the SpecForce Abs program trains the abdominal muscles in all directions. This 5-step process works on the following:

–    Asset Stacking: Working the obliques, the posterior chain, rectus abdominals, and muscles, allows you to combine the muscles in their totality to gain the strength to have flat, functional, beautiful, and strong abs.

–    Abdominal Armoring: Exercising in the proper way is all about creating a core ‘armor’ that props up the midsection. In turn, this provides the foundation for the development of the rest of your core.

–    Strategic Target Selection: Using electromyography (EMG) you can strategically and precisely target workouts that provide maximum activation of the muscle fibers at just the right time in your progression.

–    Tissue Quality (TQ) Workups: It is all about the development of skills progressively that informs you about when you are ready to advance to another stage of the program.

–    Fixed Angle Concentration: It focuses on causing the firing of the highest number of fibers in the abdominal muscles. It is a scientifically proven strategy and leads to the faster development of muscles.

Who Should Use SpecForce Abs?

One great thing about SpecForce Abs is the fact that it can work for both women and men. Women will enjoy silky, flat, sexy abs, while the men will enjoy rugged, ripped, masculine abs. The reason why both men and women use the same workout program but enjoy different results has to do with the hormones.

Who Is The Creator?

Todd Lamb is the creator of SpecForce Abs, and he has his credentials. He is a well-known tactical fitness consultant as well as the leader of a SWAT team. He is a person with a great body and has even trained some of the most successful people to be at the peak of their physique so that they can do their jobs properly. Todd has even managed to unravel the science behind what makes the body beautiful. His methods do what the label says.


–    You can discard all that you know about boring planks, sit ups, and crunches since the program has nothing to do with any of them. Todd is an advocate for never using these workouts since they cause serious damage and deliver little to no results.

–    It can work for anybody regardless of their sex, age, or level of training they are at. It is never too late for you to get beautiful, flat abs.

–    Quick results: Due to how the system is structured you will enjoy quick results. If you stick to the program, you can be sure of developing the body of your dreams faster than you would have ever imagined.

–    It is easy to tell when you are ready to move onto the next stage because of the detailed instructions provided. No guess work is involved since everything is mapped out for you in simple-to-follow steps.


–    You cannot get 6-pack abs without any effort. You will have to put in the effort to enjoy the results that you desire. The important thing is that SpecForce Abs works. If you have the will then the program will show you the way.

–    It is a completely digital program: If you still live in the 20th Century and prefer something to arrive in your mail, you will be disappointed. SpecForce Abs is a completely electronic program which is a good thing since you enjoy access immediately after purchase and you can print it whenever you are ready.

Final Thoughts/Recommendation

6-Pack Abs training programs are a dime a dozen, but most of them don’t even come close to delivering whatever they promise. Thankfully, SpecForce Abs is a completely different type of program. SpecForce Abs delivers exactly what it promises. It shows you how to get those tight, flat abs that you have always wished for in as little as six weeks.

You do not even have to worry about risk since the program comes with a 60-day money back promise if you are not totally satisfied. If you are up for the challenge, SpecForce Abs has the strategy. Are you willing to put in the effort or are you one of those people who desire the world but are not ready to work for it?

The choice is all yours. You have been provided with a detailed review of what the product is, what it is not, and what it can do for you. Now that you know that it works, it is up to you to make the effort of getting it and once you get it, you still have to make the effort of putting into practice all that you learn.