A Review Of The Achievable Body Program

For every person who wants to lose weight, there are at least ten different weight loss programs on the internet. The number of programs is simply staggering, but unfortunately, not all of them are created equal.

On the one hand, there are a lot of scam programs that never had any real intention of working. Then, there are programs that were thrown together too hastily without enough research so they don’t work. And finally, there are programs that might work for one small group of people, but not the rest of the world.

The Achievable Body, which is a weight loss program designed by Mike Whitfield, doesn’t fall into any of the three groups above. It is a high-quality needle among a haystack of sub-par programs. It’s versatile, effective, and can actually help you meet your weight loss goals in a timely fashion. The program isn’t unrealistic, yet it’s efficient enough that you’ll see results before you feel like giving up.

The following article is a review of this program. We’ll break down exactly what the Achievable Body program is, what it claims it can do, what it can actually do, and then wrap it up with a final rating of the program. Hopefully, you will be able to use the information in the review to make an informed decision if you are considering purchasing this program.

What Is It All About?

The Achievable Body Blueprint is a comprehensive and realistic fitness program that is laid out and explained in an easy-to-understand eBook. If you’ve ever read a weight loss program book before, then the information you find in this book might sound rather unconventional. It’s safe to say that the content in this program has never been covered in this detail in any other program. What you get is something completely unique, fresh, and informative.

This is not a book about learning to understand or count calories. Calories are only one component that affects your overall weight and physical health. Instead, the eBook focuses on tackling your metabolism, which plays a much larger role in your weight over the course of your entire life.

You could start counting calories today, starve the body, and lose a few pounds. Sooner or later you’ll stop counting calories and the weight will come back. But if you are able to reprogram your metabolic rate, then that’s a change that could help you keep weight off for the rest of your life. That’s the major focus of The Achievable Body Blueprint.

Changing Your Metabolism.

In particular, the program focuses on changing your resting metabolic rate. This refers to the number of calories that your body can burn while you are at rest. Not while you are exercising, eating, or intentionally trying to burn calories. By improving your resting metabolic rate you make it possible to lose weight while you are sitting perfectly still.

Have you ever struggled to lose weight even while working out and dieting? Maybe you even attempted a detox as well but to no avail? Mike Whitfield breaks down this common problem rather thoroughly in the program. He believes the root of the problem is metabolic damage that has accumulated over a lifetime.

The program outlines four pillars of transformation that will have a dramatic impact on your weight loss goals. These pillars include increasing your resting metabolism, controlling important hormones, activating “hot zones”, and eating a diet that isn’t as restrictive as you might imagine.

This isn’t just a four-page eBook, though. There is quite a bit of information recorded on these pages. There is a customizable approach to weight loss that you can alter to fit your specific situation. There are more than 20 weight loss secrets the Mike Whitfield has added to the pages to help boost progress and boost metabolism.

The diet section of the book is incredibly unique. The creator of the program designed a specialized diet that is in place for four days a week. On the other three days, you are free to eat whatever you please and it won’t have a negative impact on your progress. How many diets offer that much freedom?

Weight loss isn’t just about calories or workouts either. There are toxins in the body and they play an important role in your metabolic rate. These toxins can make it very difficult to lose weight even if you’re trying everything in your power. Luckily, the program covers a lot of information on these toxins as well as guides for removing them from your body.

Finally, there’s plenty of content that isn’t in the eBook itself. For example, there are daily schedules and informative how-to videos provided on the website. All of this information can be used together to meet your weight loss goals and start living a healthy life.

What Claims Does It Make?

Every weight loss program has claims to make. Some of these claims are so absurd that it’s obvious they aren’t true. This particular program does make some claims of its own, but unlike many other programs, they are realistic claims that have been verified by many, many users of the program.

There are two simple claims made by the program. First, it claims that by following the guidelines you can improve your overall health in just 30 days. Second, it claims that some of the secrets included in the book can help you boost your metabolism in only five minutes. Notice that none of these claims are about specific weight loss numbers.

Many of the clients who used this program were able to lose more than 15 pounds in only 3 weeks. This might not be exactly what everyone can hope for, but it’s certainly a reasonable goal and a good number if you’re curious about the weight loss potential of the program.

Final Rating.

On a scale of 1 to 5, the Achievable Body Blueprint gets a rating of 5. It is unique, informative, and effective. It makes accurate claims and can help you make healthy changes that could improve the rest of your life.